Mr. Gm Rakesh Mhaskar
Founder and General Secretary

Founder and General Secretary Mr. Rakesh Suresh Mhaskar 2016 14th October Indian Mix Boxing Federation founded at Dhatav Roha Raigad Maharashtra. The game of mix boxing evolved in the state of Maharashtra. After that this sport became famous all over India. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the Games were organized in 22 states and 71 countries. And in these 5 years it developed according to the rules. Jeff has been taken internationally by the Mix Boxing Federation. It is a testament to the fact that every country has an Indian game in the international arena.

Mix – the art of fighting all together, Boxing – fist fighting or the act of throwing fists, dates back to the beginning of Indian history. BC 2012 Shri Grand Master Rakesh Suresh Mhaskar initially started a mix boxing game in a Dhatav Khedya village for all his students, poor and rich. After BC Karate, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Martial Arts were the trainers themselves. After a period of time B.C. In 1993, a great tragedy occurred during the practice of martial arts. And this mix boxing game was well publicized.

World mix boxing federation organization all styles martial arts we are all members unit patrons life member W.M.B.F family well-beers well-invited to learn self-defense and main examination in this organization and have lifetime experience.