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The Indian Mix Boxing Federation (IMBF) is an art of fighting all together, Boxing – fist fighting or the act of throwing fists, dates back to the beginning of Indian history.  BC  2012 Shri Grand Master Rakesh Suresh Mhaskar initially started a mix boxing game in a Dhatav Khedya village for all his students, poor and rich.  After BC Karate, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Martial Arts were the trainers themselves.  After a period of time B.C.  In 1993, a great tragedy occurred during the practice of martial arts.  And this mix boxing game was well publicized.  Founder and General Secretary Mr. Rakesh Suresh Mhaskar  2016 14th October Indian Mix Boxing Federation founded at Dhatav Roha Raigad Maharashtra. 

The game of mix boxing evolved in the state of Maharashtra.  After that this sport became famous all over India.  From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the Games were organized in 22 states and 71 countries.  And in these 5 years it developed according to the rules.  Jeff has been taken internationally by the Mix Boxing Federation.  It is a testament to the fact that every country has an Indian game in the international arena.  World mix boxing federation organization all styles martial arts we are all members unit patrons life member W.M.B.F family well-beers well-invited to learn self-defense and main examination in this organization and have lifetime experience.


Since its establishment in 2016, he has been the founder and general secretary of the World, Asia, Indian Sports Mix Boxing Federation. Founder and General Secretary Mr. Rakesh Suresh Mhaskar was born on May 06, 1974 BC in a poor farming family in Mumbai. And native village is Dhatav, Taluka Roha District Raigad, Maharashtra, India. A very calm personality Ushaar and trainer. His Favorite Sports Kabaddi Cricket Football Karate, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, All Martial Arts. Mhaskar sir is a Maratha citizen of India and he loves sports by combining all castes and religions. He is a sports coach by profession. AD The first journey of martial arts in 1983 is still working today.

In 1983, due to the presence of poor students in a farmer’s family, he moved forward to the ninth BC. In 1993, there was a tragedy. People’s Leader Zilla Parishad Vice President Mr. Bhai Pashilkar helped the bereaved. Mhaskar sir has himself played 5 international 50 national 20 state level championships in martial arts. And 9 dan black belt graduated and 12th education. BC 2002 Established the first International Martial Arts Association for underprivileged students. They have a strong hold at the international level. Always thought of the mix boxing federation.

AD In 2013, tried to train mix boxing through travel and school level students. Founder and Secretary General Mr. Rakes Suresh Mhaskar mix boxing game at local level. Mix Boxing Federation of India 2016 – On October 14, M.P.O. Dhatav M. i. D. C. Taluka complex Roha District – Raigad. Established in Maharashtra India.

Today, 71 countries had to accept their roots as an Indian sport at the international level under the name World Mix Boxing Federation. 71 countries have shown their confidence by joining as Indian sports at the international level. Till date poor common rich students and coaches are getting preference at every level.


Be the representative authority with all other recognized bodies authorities responsible for Olympic, Asian and Continental with the Games.
Promote the practice of sport, encourage the construction of physical facilities and improve the standard of performance in the spirit of fair play.
Co-operate with public authorities and private enterprises in the promotion of sport without prejudice to the principles of the Olympic Movement.
Ensure regular celebration of the Asian Games every four (4) years in accordance with the fundamental Principles, Objectives, Rules, Regulations and Byelaws of the IMBF.
Oppose any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes.
Encourage and support the effort of sport organisations and public authorities to provide for the social professional future and health of athletes.
Fight against doping and all sorts of prohibited substances, by adopting a pro-active approach and implementing the World Anti-Doping code.